About us & Contact

Emerald Cube Limited offers a range of Internet Connectivity and Video Inspection services and solutions for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Emerald Cube was established to provide applied technology solutions for Internet Connectivity and networking in challenging environments. Products and services developed to meet that challenge enable us to also implement live and recorded video inspection from air, land & water.

We love innovative technology and seeing it put to practical use to improve work flow, reduce costs, improve safety and minimise environmental impact.

Our team includes industry professionals with great depth of experience as well as some bright young people bringing in new thinking to broaden our horizons.

We’re also all animal lovers at heart (even those who pretend they’re not) so when the opportunity arises for us to assist in wildlife conservation and research projects, we’ll jump at the chance.

Remote Site Connectivity for Construction, Infrastructure, Utilitiesjimw@emeraldcube.co.uk

Remote Site Connectivity for Events, Festivals, Leisure Industryhelenc@emeraldcube.co.uk

Drone Services & Video Inspectionmarkc@emeraldcube.co.uk

Wildlife Conservation & Researchmarkc@emeraldcube.co.uk

Tel: 01865 784108